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A grass roots home inspector, with humble beginnings. I am young and ambitious, but don’t let my age fool you. I have a trained eye and am a perfectionist. I am highly experienced in construction and remodels. I specialize in older homes and exploring those hard to see/reach places.

I strive to achieve excellence in every aspect of my life. I am an avid outdoorsman and operate a small farm. I believe in sustainable living and support my local community. 

Benjamin Willis

Growing up in the local area, I have seen a lot of things unique to the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in a small town and have true small town values. I learned first hand the importance of hard work, honesty, hospitality, fair play, loyalty and respect for the land. I operate my business based on these values, and weigh my integrity highest when making decisions. To me a handshake still means something.

Contact The Inspector: (360) 763-1866

Rayleen Willis

Rayleen is a receptionist at High Quality Home Inspections. She handles calls, questions, scheduling, banking, marketing, and making coffee. She is very happily married to her bestfriend, and has two wonderful children. In her spare time she enjoys fishing, camping, shed hunting, long drives, snow runs, and farming! 

Rayleen is also a Sub school bus driver from Chehalis. With a background of living in Alaska, idaho, Montana, georgia, Washington and having jobs ranging from a Barista Supervisor to working in a butcher shop, she  has the ability to connect with each customer, turn any problem into opportunity and provide the very best experience. 

Rayleen is a true hard working American whom believes firmly in honesty and loyalty.

Contact The Inspector: (360) 763-1866

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